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The aftermath #deathofvalentine

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Jarle Olsen - Fiskerbonden på Spildra from Nikolai Schirmer on Vimeo.

Jarle Olsen - the last farming fisherman on Spildra

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"A day out" - Japan from Norrona on Vimeo.

Went to japan, got face shots with the Wiig and Watanabe

Dette er huset til Jarle på øya Spildra i Kvænangen. Jarle er ekte feskarbonde, og drar sjarkin’ hver dag etter at han har vært i fjøsen.

Running into eagles is an inevitable hazard of sjarkin’

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#sjarkin' #eagles

Behind the scenes of #GreatWallWeek: Co-director Ulrik Stensland taking care of some Mongolians 

#GreatWallWeek continues!
Day four: "On the final day he realized, it might yet be surmountable! He thanked the merciful gods of the semesteroppgave and pushed onwards, inching his way towards his dear jul. The jul he had eternally longed for, finally seeming within grasp somewhere beyond the misty hills of the character-count Manchuria”.
(Recommended soundtrack: Sivert Høyem – Long Slow Distance)

#GreatWallWeek day three: "While not cool in the line-up, a proper snake can still be appreciated on the hills". (Recommended soundtrack: Kings Of Convenience – Gold In The Air Of Summer)

#GreatWallWeek day two: “I fell for the wall in the fall.” (Recommended soundtrack: Fallin - Alicia Keys)

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The Great Wall of China, on the horizon. Pretty great. #GreatWallWeek

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